EGLA Green Lean Excecutive Seminar

CSRD/ ESRS Executive Workshop

Who should attend?

This course is for anyone planning for attending or leading CSRD/ ESRS development projects. During the workshop, the attendees are trained in all steps needed to understand CSRD/ ESRS needs. Learning is supported by an E-learning environment that is available for students 1 month after the last contact day. This way we can ensure that people with different learning styles and abilities can adapt to the development model and attend development projects successfully.


The course includes 2 modules, that enable understanding needed for working as a specialist or team member in CSRD/ ESRS development projects. The modules are the following:

  1. The principles of CSRD and ESRS, whats and hows of Materiality Assessment, Double Materiality and IRO (Impacts, Risks and Opportunities), Value Chain Analysis and Stakeholder Assessment. Learning the use of tools for each with practical exercises. 
  2. Defining your organization’s present state regarding responsible and sustainable development targeting toward readiness for ESRS based reporting. The gap between existing and future (target) states; setting the goals for sustainability and CSRD/ ESRS development.

The course duration is 5 weeks with about 2 hours of studies a week + 5 half-a-day webinars; one per week. The participants receive an EGLA certificate after the completion of the course.

The workshop includes introduction to materials and tools to be ready to implement CSRD/ ESRS compliant system as required by the EU.

Our workshop is set to meet the requirements by international standards and a introduction to Sustainability principles (Economical Sustainability, Ecological Sustainability, and Social Sustainability) and goals as set by UN and EU globally. Sustainable development and sustainable working methods are growing in importance in World Class operations as demand for their partners.

EGLA CSRD/ ESRS workshop offers this to organizations using it both as a tool toward effective operations and marketing providing an edge in global as well as domestic markets

EGLA Sustainability Executive seminar

EGLA Sustainability Executive seminar

This seminar (which can be done as a webinar too) is targeted toward the organization’s decision-makers to enable understanding of the EGLA Sustainability development for development decisions.

The 1-day event covers the following:

  • What is EGLA Sustainability
  • What are the benefits of using Sustainability
  • How the Lean SixSigma development model, sustainable development, and change implementation are working together
  • What can be expected as results
  • What are the estimated costs vs. results (R.O.I.)
  • What is needed from the organization for a successful project?


This day enables the participants to understand the benefits of sustainability and responsibility and the result improvements that can be gained through this approach. It opens the thinking of using sustainability as a source of innovation and development.