EGLA Partners is a network of specialists on sustainability and circular economy development services. Our partners are the core people supplying EGLA Services globally.

We share together development knowledge of several hundred years. Our partners supplying Green Lean, EGLA Sustainability, EGLA Circular Economy or other services are proven experts in the subjects they work with.

We started developing the Green Lean model 2012 as a group of network consultants for the Finnish Centre of Excellence. During the first 2 years we were working as part of their consulting group making already several successful development projects for different clients. In the first two years it become clear, that there was a growing need for sustainable development services and 2014 we established an Association called the European Green Lean Association EGLA.

Since 2014 our specialists have worked every year with tens of organisations. Our approaches are based on Lean Six Sigma DMAIC process, the latest knowledge of Sustainable Development and the proven best project management technologies and tools. We help our members and consulting customer to build sustainable growth that is helping to create sustainable future.

2017 we got registered as an EU operator in Brussels and since that we have been opening national offices either under EGLA name or through cooperation with a national partner. In our partner network there is today several hundred qualified, experienced experts and we have trained to our clients or members almost one thousand certified specialists in different levels of EGLA Green Lean, EGLA Sustainability or EGLA Circular Economy specialists.

The membership benefits vary between the different membership levels, but here is the list of main benefits for all:

  • Access to the courses on the e-learning site (number of seats based on the membership level)
  • Database of tools for Green Lean and Sustainability development
  • Tool bank of proven, tested development tools
  • Networking with other members and possibility for benchmarking
  • Free copies of EGLA publications
  • Discounts of EGLA special training
  • Discounts from EGLA Partners on their services
  • Annual events attendance with membership price
  • Discounted prices for chosen service providers services globally (publications, seminars, webinars, applications, accommodations, travels etc.)
  • Information about different development projects done around the globe
  • Links to information from other development professionals
  • Direct contact information for EGLA Partners globally
  • Information about training arranged by our partners


Check your own benefits from egla@eglaglobal.net