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Summer is approaching and we are planning for our Annual Summer meeting. Last years meeting in Bucharest was a success, so now we are thinking of arranging the event in some Northern European country.  Options are Finland, Lithuania, Estonia or onboard a cruise ship between Helsinki and Stockholm. Stay tuned for more information soon!


EGLA is participating in Finnish-Romanian-Turkish joint development under acronym SIM-RISE. During 2022 the project completed the first phase of the development analyzing data from solar panels and developing the pilot version of the software.

The first studies already revealed, that a substantial amount of solar cells on photovoltaic systems were practically dead or failing to supply energy. Based on the report of the studies done this far, it is showing, that up to 10 % of the cells on minimum 5 year old solar panels do not produce any energy.

From the sustainable development perspective this is substantial, since the emissions, land used for solar production, labor, energy and materials used are partly missed. The research and development continues, but already that shows major improvement potential of solar systems using the software developed in SIM-RISE project to analyse dead or malfunctioning solar cells in solar farms, thus increasing the production of the solar systems by improved maintenance of the  cells. More information from the project Coordinator ICPE Romania,