EGLA among first organisations with ready package for CSRD/ ESRS intruductions and training

Due to our partnership network covering over 20 countries we can provide indepth knowledge, support, training and consulting in all needs regarding learning and implementing reporting systems based on Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive CSRD and European Sustainability Reporting Standards ESRS.

We have been doing CSRD/ ESRS development projects and training with our partners since August 2023, starting immediately after the ESRS was published on 31.07.2023. At the end of January 2024 we have already concluded couple development projects to implement the necessary changes with our partners customers and are on the way with several more. That give us an advantage of having experience in practicalities of CSRD/ ESRS development.

EGLA have developed new methods and tools to enable our partners and their customers to get the ESRS based reporting implemented and running without delays. You can see EGLA CSRD/ ESRS workshops and training from basics to specialist level in our Courses section.